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Grounded by the Farm

Sep 30, 2020

Growing onions is something I've never done. But if you have ever stood in the produce aisle looking at the various bays of onions and wondered which ones you should buy, I feel your pain.

Shay Myers and his family have been growing onions & enjoying them for decades. Their farm -- Owyhee Produce -- packs and ships...

Sep 16, 2020

The Farver family has been growing lentils in northeastern Montana for decades. But in the past few years, the family decided to make some changes at Farver Farms, says Shauna Ferguson Farver. First up? Value-added products that let the family sell mixes of some of their favorite recipes including a sweet lentil chili...

Sep 2, 2020

Lamb may not be a common dish on every table in America, but this red meat provides a great tasting addition to the menu. We talk to Nevada rancher Mike Compston about raising sheep, cutting meat and enjoying lamb. 

Mike talks us through the way sheep are raised in the mountains, traditionally something Basque...