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Grounded by the Farm

Mar 31, 2021

It's the sage ol' question that continues to perplex us - which came first? The chicken or the egg? For farmers like Dianne McComb it's the care of hens that deliver the incredible, edible egg! So both stay front and center! McComb farms with her brother in Ontario, Canada fostering the legacy four...

Mar 17, 2021

Pork is a major part of the German diet, a deep love for so many and farmer Marcus Höltkotter says schnitzel is his favorite way to enjoy it! Producing pork for his table are others is what drives his family. To get there, they care for the pigs on the farm, take the manure from the barns out to fields to fertilize the...

Mar 3, 2021

Knowing the first episode of our second season would be published the first week of March, it was obvious we needed to talk about the Cheese-A-Day Challenge started by "Farmer Tom" in the UK had to be discussed!

Getting to Know Farmer Tom

Let's start with the reality that the farmer who started the Cheese-A-Day...