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Grounded by the Farm

Dec 15, 2021

Sitting down to talk with This Farm Wife Meredith Bernard was pretty much like sitting down with someone I had known forever. And my guess is thousands of people feel similarly since more than 100k have subscribed to her YouTube Channel. 

Meredith & her husband Lawrence farm along the North Carolina - Virginia line. Although towns are close by, with fences, woods & hills, all their neighbors have four legs -- mostly cattle, a few farm dogs and a couple of sheep the kids wanted. They plant a range of crops that are mostly used for the livestock -- hay, barley, corn, corn for silage (harvest the whole plant, not just the grain), etc.

Lots of folks spend hours watching YouTube, and some of those folks like the escape from their house to check in on a farm.

That's where Meredith and her vlog come in. She gives subscribers a little slice of the "ordinarily extraordinary life" life lived in their family farm. A few links we mention: