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Grounded by the Farm

Sep 21, 2022

Pawpaws are one of a handful of unique fruits and vegetables native to the United States, and yet they are not nearly as widely enjoyed as the holiday must have cranberries!  One of the reasons they aren't as well known is the primary way to get pawpaws is foraging for them. Jeff Hake sits down with us to talk about pawpaws and other fruits being grown at Funk's Grove Heritage Fruits and Grains and some of the products they are making too.

Katie and Jonathan Funk grew up on the family farm & playing in Funk's Grove. Now, they are working with Katie's husband Jeff to try different practices and crops. They are creating unique food products using heritage grains and crops they grow as well as foods foraged from the grove.

They have planted a combination of grains and offer some baking and bread mixes. And with the fruit trees they have planted they offer fruit leathers and other yummies. All of it is available just off the historic Route 66 in Illinois or online. 

See photos, video & more at 

Video of our farm visit 

Jeff shows how to make fruit leather