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Grounded by the Farm

Nov 17, 2021

Farm stays on Maryland's Easter Shore may not be the first thing to come to mind when you think of Maryland or a vacation, but maybe they should. There is a lot of curiosity to be tapped there and I certainly enjoyed my visit!

Those farm stays at Sugar Water Manor give people a chance to go deeper in their interest to learn more about how food is produced according to Dana Zucker. She says this type of agritourism has a place on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

For decades, Dana Zucker says she was absolutely out of touch with how our food is grown, but curiosity and a passion for food kept getting her to ask questions. Now she and her husband David have entered the world of agritourism by purchasing Sugar Water Manor on the Minokin River on the Eastern Shore.

The farm of 70 acres struck Dana at first sight and she felt drawn to it and the idea of sharing what she's learned over the years.

Dana has immersed herself in food and has found a range of experiences as she traveled to far away lands like China, Iceland and Spain learning about tea, sheep and wine. And found herself living in Omaha with the chance to really explore agriculture in Kansas where she learned about farmers and ranchers growing corn, soybeans, beef and pork too.

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