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Grounded by the Farm

Jan 26, 2022

Family farm transitions are tough to discuss. A lot gets wrapped into it.... not only are you talking about things like retirement or potential death of an older generation, but it means changes in how things are done, recognizing the contributions of younger generations. And many times all of this is wrapped up with generations of family legacy and how best to honor that.

It's a conversation that farmers acknowledge is tough and some farmers want to farm until they die. While Debbie Lyons-Blythe and her husband Duane are planning to be around for decades, they have also chosen to have this conversation openly with their five children, all of whom are now adults. Debbie was nice enough to discuss all of this with us. I think it provides those of us who's families don't farm a lot of insight into some of the generational family dynamics that it takes when planning for the future of a family farm.

And for Debbie, having a good farm transition, where expertise and relationships are built among their children, is the only way she thinks they can secure the ranch's future.