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Grounded by the Farm

Mar 31, 2021

It's the sage ol' question that continues to perplex us - which came first? The chicken or the egg? For farmers like Dianne McComb it's the care of hens that deliver the incredible, edible egg! So both stay front and center! McComb farms with her brother in Ontario, Canada fostering the legacy four generations have crafted.

Taking care of thousands of hens means a lot of time with eggs and Dianne shares with us her tips on all things eggs. And she answers lots of our questions! 

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Fourth Generation Farmers are getting pretty rare! Connect with Dianne McComb on Twitter today to learn more about the legacy, the history and value of egg and Hen farming!

While Canada has been and continues to be one of the most-relationship-rich partnerships the US has ever had, few know the names of all of the Canadian provinces. Ready to remedy that with some quick memorization and learning?'bottom%20row'%20of,Nothing'%2C%20'Bart%20A

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DID YOU KNOW? Eggs that are produced in a country, are typically EATEN in that same country or even that area of the country!

You've likely experienced the results of an instituted "Pecking Order" in your life in one way or another. Did you know that Pecking Order finds it's seed conversation when it comes to CHICKEN DOMINANCE?,expression%20of%20dominance%20in%20chickens.

The Pecking Order for Hens struggle is REAL! Check out an outstanding video showcasing "HEN BULLYING!" It's a real phenomenon and something you should learn more about!

While most commercial egg farms have one of three types of layers (hens that lay eggs) there are lots of different breeds of chickens that backyard farmers can choose from. Are YOU familiar with them? Learn all about the development and research that details the traits that make hens the most-efficient they can be!

Eggs are not only a nutritious food, they are an easy-to-prepare food. Ready to learn 7 Great Ways to Prepare Eggs