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Grounded by the Farm

Apr 15, 2020

The search for the perfect avocado is a search many of us have been on. But avocado farmers like Mimi Holtz, who is known simply as Mimi Avocado online, know what to look for and what impacts the tasty goodness we all crave. Listen as she shares favorite recipes, some of the everyday ways the Holtz family enjoys avocados, insight on how the crop is grown and tips for delighting kids. 

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Key topics & timecodes in the episode include:

  • Selling produce by the box including expanded vegetables due to COVID19 1:23
  • Varieties of avocados they grow (Haas, Fuerte, Bacon, Reed, Nabal, Gwen, etc) 4:30
  • Favorite ways to eat avocados 9:20 
  • How to store avocados at home 12:35
  • Understanding avocado growth 16:40
  • How long do trees produce 20:00
  • Food safety 22:00
  • Pruning and picking 24:20
  • Avocado box subscriptions 26:50
  • Blogging as Mimi Avocado 28:00
  • Ways to draw kid's interest 30:00