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Grounded by the Farm

Sep 16, 2020

The Farver family has been growing lentils in northeastern Montana for decades. But in the past few years, the family decided to make some changes at Farver Farms, says Shauna Ferguson Farver. First up? Value-added products that let the family sell mixes of some of their favorite recipes including a sweet lentil chili and fudgy lentil brownies. 

Shauna talks us through the farm's progress and helps us understand the various kinds of lentils, tips for cooking them, finding good recipes and provides insight on some of the things farmers take into consideration to reduce the possibility of fire during the busy harvest season. 

Links of Interest

Find Shauna & the farm online: 

Shauna and her family also grow crops previously featured on Grounded by the Farm. Check out the episodes on growing wheat and growing barley aka our conversation with a beer farmer. 

The website that Shauna mentions as a great source of recipes is You can sort by type of recipe (breakfast, appetizer, entree, etc), by complexity, type of pulse and more. Some of the peas we mentioned in our episode with Terren Moore talking about purple hull peas is a website Canadian farmers fund that also has a lot of great information and recipes. 

Tamar Haspel is the Washington Post columnist who is a major advocate for lentils. You can follow her on Twitter at @TamarHaspel

A raw, full transcript of the episode can be accessed at