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Grounded by the Farm

Jun 9, 2021

In today's world, people talk about plant-based proteins as a dietary preference, or a way to deliver innovation. But when you think about that, how often does your mind turn to growing a plant-based protein in a desert? How often do you think about subsistence farmers, people who struggle to feed their family the most basic foods because weather strikes hard? That's both the challenge and the promise we turn to in our latest episode of Grounded by the Farm.

Recently, we talked about plant breeding and I mentioned we would be talking with another plant breeder -- Dr. Priyanka Gupta -- this summer. Although Priyanka is from India, plant breeding work has led her to work in several countries. She's currently focused on improving a plant called grasspea in Morocco. Ever heard of a grasspea? I hadn't either so no need to feel bad. It's part of the pulse family (like the lentils and  purple hull peas we discussed with farmers in season 1). And it has the highest percentage of protein content!

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For a detailed transcript of this episode, see Talking about Grass Pea with Dr. Priyanka Gupta