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Grounded by the Farm

May 18, 2022

In the midst of most family farms, is a house called the home place. When you layer that with the appreciation of food, family and hospitality that runs so deep in western Kentucky, you get the Peery House at Springhill Farms! And in this episode, we talk to three generations of the family about changes unfolding over the years at their home place.

Growing up it was home for Jerry Peery. While growing 65 years of corn, soybeans, wheat and more, he also grew the farm's footprint adding acres as others moved away or stopped farming. Now he's working with his grandson Jonathan to take over the operation for future generations. 

Kristia Peery Reynolds learned to bake in the house as her grandmom showed her the secrets of perfect mixtures and beautiful decorations. 

As the house sat vacant, the family considered options for it. Ultimately, it got a renovation that would make it easy for the family and others to stay in touch with the heritage. The Peery House is now a bed and breakfast, with a commercial kitchen for Kristia's baking business. 

We talk about the farm's history, the decision to make changes and what guests can expect when visiting a working farm in Western Kentucky! 

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The Peery House on Air BnB