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Grounded by the Farm

Jul 21, 2021

If you have ever open the gold wrapped on Kerrygold Irish Butter, you may have noticed that it looks different from some of the other butters you buy. What is it that makes it different?  And who are the farmers connected to it? That's part of our conversation in this episode as we talk to dairy farmer Peter Hynes of Ireland's County Cork.

Peter & his wife Paula have 150 cows they graze and milk year-round. And they are part of the coop that produces Kerrygold. We talk with him about the distinctive look and color of the product, his family's approach to farming and the cows they work with -- primarily pedigreed holsteins and pedigreed jersey cows. They also welcomed the two most-recent additions: two Fleckvieh heifers (they're amazing and you fan find out why).

When it comes down to it, Peter is looking to focus on fertility, longevity and helping to raise the most-efficient cow possible during their lifespan and production years.

Be sure to check out the many links to the family's farm, in his social media streams and be sure to check out his videos! They'll provide you with the same satisfaction that his Holsteins, Jerseys and Fleckviehs offer us as consumers!

photos and videos available to accompany the post at Irish Butter.... Have you tried it? Wondered who has the dairy cows?