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Grounded by the Farm

Mar 4, 2020


Video of Marybeth talking about the cows, their feed, etc.

Marybeth’s blog

This episode of Grounded by the Farm takes a bit of a different path as Marybeth Feutz discusses beef and her Indiana cow-calf operation with us.

One of those differences was planned — rather than ask questions I had, I asked several millennial nieces and nephews to give me their questions and they loved making me ask questions that would make me feel awkward while also getting info they were interested in.

The other difference was far more awkward in that we somehow encountered a tech issue halfway through the interview that wasn’t caught til we were in editing. Its a hard lesson learned  but we’ll be fine with a two-part episode.

Getting to Know Marybeth Feutz, Farmer & Vet

Marybeth grew up in the suburbs of New York City — West Milford, NJ to be exact. She met John while in vet school and he convinced her to marry him and call the midwest home.

She is a large animal vet whereas John works as a “mixed animal vet” meaning he can work on pets like chihuahuas or livestock. Marybeth says she likes working with horses the most.

They have a small herd of black Angus cows as we showed in the video earlier this week.

Included in this episode:

  • Cooking & Serving Steak
  • Buying Steaks
  • Tips on burgers
  • Types of Cattle
  • Beef vs Dairy
  • Cows, Heifers, Bulls & Steers
  • Fave Under-appreciated Cut of Beef
  • How much of the animal is wasted?