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Grounded by the Farm

Oct 14, 2020

Fall has arrived and we have a lot of holidays to look forward to.. starting with Halloween and pumpkins! Join us as we talk to Shannon Latham at Enchanted Acres in Northern Iowa today.

Toddlers and other young children definitely enjoy the pumpkin farm, but Shannon says pumpkin patches offer something for everyone - bridal parties, engagement photo shoots and school groups all.  From carving and decorating, to picking your own pumpkin or simply choosing from the a stack, you will find something there that tickles your fancy.

And cooking with pumpkin is something she does so often that friends of her children call her the muffin lady! She shares tips with us on those favorite foods, recipes and cooking tips for the ages!

They plant dozens of varieties to offer the color, shape and intended use (cooking, decorating, carving or whatever!) as well as homemade jams and jellies. And with various activities featured each weekend -- including great photo opps like the how tall this fall backdrop.

Photos to accompany this post and a detailed raw transcript are available at . This is the first in a series of holiday episodes of Grounded by the Farm. 

As Shannon mentioned, she and her husband have a seed company. Here's a recent post I did on things you may want to know about seed.

Pumpkin Recipes Shannon Mentioned

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Find out more about your favorite holiday foods here in the coming weeks