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Grounded by the Farm

Jul 5, 2023

We continue discussions about food and farm on the Gila Indian Community in Arizona. In this episode we talk to Terry Button about the work he and his wife Ramona are doing at Ramona Farms. 

Terry shares some of the foods the Pima people have eaten for generations, sharing the roles of corn and tepary beans and some of the foods that can be foraged in the desert. Sourcing heritage corns from friends with backgrounds from other tribes has allowed them to expand the native offerings. 

Tepary beans were a key staple for the Pima and yet few in the US are familiar with the bean. Terry has developed a deep appreciation of them and explains the unique flavors of tepary beans, native to the Southwestern region and cultivated by indigenous communities. We share insights from their kitchens including recipes too. 

We also explore the rich history behind American Pima cotton, a crop developed by the USDA and named after the Pima reservation because of the connections to traditional production and genetics.

This episode is filled with fascinating stories and knowledge that food and farming enthusiasts won't want to miss. So tune in and get ready to be grounded by the farm!

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