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Grounded by the Farm

May 24, 2023

We offer a deep dive into the world of winemaking, sustainability, and the family-run business of St. James Winery in Missouri talking with Brandon Hofherr (marketing director) and Sam Cobb (vineyard manager).

From the rich history of Missouri as the first AVA in the US, settled by German and Italian immigrants, to the challenges of overturning restrictive laws on winemaking, the story of St. James Winery is a testament to the power of persistence and passion. It's also a great stop along Interstate 44 with a tasting room & brew pub on the grounds.

We get into the vineyards themselves, taking a closer look at the importance of sustainable practices in winemaking and the use of AI technology to develop better blends and optimize water use. As we learn, the decision to invest in technology is a balancing act in the quest for better quality while remaining eco-conscious.

For those who love food and the environment, this episode is filled with interesting information on the vital role that grape growing and winemaking play in our ecosystem. It's a reminder that what we eat and drink encompasses not just the ingredients on our plates but also the people who grow them, the environment that nurtures them, and the history and innovation that drive them forward. So pour yourself a glass of wine, relax, and tune in to this fascinating story of a family and their winery, rooted in tradition and inspired by the future.

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