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Grounded by the Farm

Oct 19, 2022

Back in 2020, we talked with Shannon Latham who runs a pumpkin farm up in Northern Iowa. Well, now that 2022's pumpkin season has rolled around, we headed back to the pumpkin patch to find out what the latest news is for Shannon and Enchanted Acres.

Shannon shared a range of favorite foods -- pumpkin pudding, Pumpkin pie and of course pumpkin muffins for breakfast (and throughout the day) She also shares some decisions to make when it comes to running a pumpkin farm. And while people tend to think about pumpkin patches for six weekends in the fall, farm families have something on the calendar most of the year with planting, pest management and there's all that time thinking about what to plant.

The episode from 2020 was edited & remastered and has the update here too!