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Grounded by the Farm

Jan 12, 2022

The Arbogast family farms outside of Harrisonburg, VA. From the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, their chicken houses dot the farm as do cattle out on the pastures.

Lauren talks with us about the chicken farm, explaining the way the chicken houses are managed and how chickens go from freshly hatched chicks to ready for the market. 

Having a blend of generations, the Arbogasts have the benefit of both innovation and tradition. For instance, the family spent some of the time they were isolating due to the pandemic installing solar panels on their barns. The next generation, though teenagers are beginning to participate more and opened a meat market to sell beef direct. 

She says they eat a lot of chicken too from my favorite -- chicken biscuits for breakfast to the cast iron skillet full of chicken, veggies, carbs and yumminess that Lauren served for dinner.

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