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Grounded by the Farm

May 13, 2020

There have been a lot of things happening in America’s food system over the past few weeks and while we have talked about some elements in various episodes so far, the big picture still is a question for many. That led YouTuber Kay Johnson of Happy Trails Hiking to take a different spin on her live Foodie Friday show. This week’s podcast is the bulk of that interview.

We discuss some of the various things we may be seeing in the day-to-day (at grocery stores, restaurants, and how farms are connected). We talk about dairy, meat, some of the baking supplies and more.

You can see the full event on Youtube at

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Questions asked of Janice Person, host of Grounded by the Farm:

1:56     Do farmers still have meat and produce that they want to sell?

2:47     Can you tell us a difference in selling to restaurants and schools, etc and selling to grocery stores?

5:36    What’s been happening with milk?

6:14    Is there a way that we can help farmers? (remember the farm direct boxes discussed

10:19  Can we talk about meat a little bit? (two episodes talking with a vet & beef producer &

14:18  What’s happening with grocery bills?

15:01  Cooking and baking having an impact too?

18:05  I keep hearing people say our food supply chain is broken like that. What's changed in the last few months

20:18  Our routines have really shifted. That includes restaurants.

22:08  It seems more people want to be involved or informed? (includes some mention of gardening

23:19  Do you think that our food supply will go back to normal like normal? Like it was before?