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Grounded by the Farm

Dec 11, 2019

This is a conversation with crawfish farmers Bill & Janice Cheek at Stelly's Restaurant in Lebeau, Louisiana.

We talk about the important things like crawfish, crawdads and mudbugs as lingo.... but seriously, we talked about the red swamp crawfish & white species that are raised commercially and the difference between them and the small crawdads people see in creeks. 

The programs at the LSU Ag Program does a lot of research into the crop. And there are a few other areas of the US where crawfish are grown. 

Bill provides a lot of historical and cultural context on crawfish from the Louisiana perspective. We talk about creating new markets for the crop, hosting crawfish boils and the family's favorite ways to eat crawfish at home between boils. 

See the video shot of the Cheek's crawfish ponds and a post of photos from inside Stelly's Restaurant on the Grounded by the Farm website.