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Grounded by the Farm

Feb 3, 2021

Black History Month is a time to pause and look at the many contributions black Americans have had on our country, our culture and ourselves. Lloyd Johnson talks through all of that as a back man who has been farming on a large scale much of his 80 plus years. 

Mr. Johnson talks about the farm's history dating back to the days before Abraham Lincoln's presidency as well as some of the shifts he has seen first-hand. 

His wisdom and life lessons extend well beyond what it is like to be a farmer to some of the things that make it a bit different since he is a black farmer. We ask him about advice for people looking to get into farming, about the creation of generational wealth, as well as some of the changes he’s seen in the St. Louis metro area.

Grounded by the Farm is replaying this episode as we take a hiatus til March 2021.