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Grounded by the Farm

Nov 11, 2020

Eating turkey is such an integral part of the holiday season in the US, that we knew our holiday series had to include a convo with a turkey farmer.

John Peterson is the third generation to work Ferndale Farms & Ferndale Market. His grandparents, Fern & Dale, started the farm in Cannon Mills, MN more than 80 years ago and his parents still live on the farm. While his sister & he are evolving things, John takes a lot of pride in honoring a lot of the past including offering outdoor environments for the birds.

This is the peak season for Ferndale, getting birds ready for sale through a range of suppliers and restaurants for the holidays. Luckily, we caught John in September so he could talk us through working with pulots (baby turkeys) in the spring just after they break through the egg shell to a range of market weights for our tables. He also offers insight on the differences in fresh and frozen turkeys, how to handle so food safety isn't a problem and he even offers tips for buying your Thanksgiving turkey.

Photos, video and a detailed, unedited transcript is available at

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