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Grounded by the Farm

Feb 17, 2021

Empowering others to produce food for themselves and their families came to Natasha Nicholes through her family history. She has been building a community garden, urban farm & the community for a years now. She started locally, growing a few plants at a condo and grew to a backyard before getting permission to plant lots on Chicago's South Side & online. Her community lives the moniker "We Sow We Grow" meeting gardeners where they are and seeing all celebrate each other's accomplishments and helping them manage challenges. 


Read more and see photos at 

The We Sow We Grow Gardening Chat community on Facebook

You can find events to help you plan for spring & summer!

You can support We Sow We Grow through PayPal donations as well as buying various products like the “Dirty by Nature” t-shirts on TeeSpring

Natasha Nicholes’ blog Houseful of Nicholes  she has a category that shares a lot of gardening information including some projects to do with your kids she walks through basics like how to read a seed packet


Time codes of interest:

Finding a Family Passion for Gardening  1:36 

Growing in Containers & Square Foot Gardening  5:35 

Pride on Chicago’s South Side  7:21 

Becoming a master urban farmer / master gardener 11:50 

Tough years & good years  17:18 

Creating community & a non-profit  19:50 

Lots of people turning to gardening  22:21 

Difference in scale farm - garden 24:55 

Growing all the things 27:13 

Planning to Plant 29:45 

Where to Start 30:52 

Supporting the community 32:48