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Grounded by the Farm

Sep 13, 2023

Cheese farmer made be a made up term but when you make artisan cheddar cheese from the dairy cows you milk, it seems fitting! This episode we visit David Hemme, a Missouri dairy farmer who began making cheese seven years ago!

The Hemmes are committed to "better from the beginning" and the result is incredibly tasty products with an eye on the future.  We cover all the topics from cheese curds -- did you know small batch cheesemakers as they make a 42-pound block of cheese are left with about 27 pounds of leftover curds? -- to regenerative farming techniques being used on the farm. 

Topics in the interview:

  • The process of making cheddar cheese and the production of cheese curds.
  • The search for artisan pizza places and finding cheeses that may be best suited for the preferences of the Hispanic community.
  • David's discovery of higher-quality cheeses and recommendations for some of the best farmstead cheeses. 
  • The American Cheese Society event and the vast variety of artisan cheeses available.

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