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Grounded by the Farm

Jul 13, 2022

You hear the dream-like conversations regularly.... people shifting from a small backyard garden to something that will sustain them and their family. How often do you see people do it? For two decades I've had a front row to watch as my brother Ray Person, sister-in-law Elizabeth Kelly & a group of friends created a farm co-op that does just that. This week's episode is a conversation with Ray about the farm in northwest Ohio -- not exactly the geography that first comes to mind for most people.

Although they are producing food the way many think is near dream-like, the reality of digging into how they have been able to make this work, not just what it looks like, leads to a great conversation and some discoveries.

We sat down in late May to talk about how this co-op was formed, how it works and as always, we took a look around capturing video too! You can see the video, photos are more at